Growing independence

“Baby Love go Daddy.” “You want to go get dinner with Daddy?” “Yeah!” “Mama’s going to stay here. Do you want to stay here with Mama or go out with Daddy?” “Go Daddy.” A few days ago, for the first time ever she chose to leave me and go far away with someone else. And Continue Reading →

Following her lead


“Baby Love, do you want to sled down the hill?” “No.” *emphatic head shaking* For days she had talked incessantly about “snow” and “slide”. We had forgotten our sled on the drive up to Whistler, so we’d stopped on the way and bought a new one for this purpose. Then we arrived at the small Continue Reading →

Amazing things my daughter did today

Walked outside, walked out from under the shade of our porch, and said, “Sun!”,  a word she’s never had cause to use outside of a book. (She’s a Pacific Northwest child, what can I say.) Sat on a tire swing by herself while it swung and spun (and LOVED IT). Wanted to nurse and nurse Continue Reading →

Bedtime snuggles

Baby Love and I nurse her to sleep in her rocking chair before I transfer her to her bed for the night. Recently an extra ritual has been added to our transfer. I carry Baby Love to her bed, lay her down, and no matter how deeply asleep she is she wakes up and wants Continue Reading →

Food and toddlers

Oh, food. It is a massive struggle for so many parents: getting enough and the proper nutrients into their recalcitrant child. It was the topic of our small group discussion today at coop preschool, and I was kind of amazed by all of the worries and stress that seem to revolve around it for many Continue Reading →



I still nurse Baby Love to sleep for naps and nighttime in her rocking chair. This is a habit I could fade, but I love feeling her fall asleep in my arms as we rock and nurse, so I don’t. Today as we were getting ready for nap she found her two baby dolls while Continue Reading →

“I could never do it”

One of the most frustrating comments I get about Baby Love’s sleep is “I could never do it.” “Oh, you’re still up with her every few hours at night? I could never do it!” “You don’t get 3 (or 4 or 5 or 6 or 8) continuous hours of sleep? I could never do it!” Continue Reading →

Little mimic

Baby Love thoroughly enjoys repeating EVERYTHING she hears. Especially if it’s said with emotion. Which means I have to be very careful not to say certain words since they tend to be said with strong emotion. Some of our current favorites of her words include: “Seeweeswy?” (Seriously?) “Uv oo. …Mama!” (I love you, mama! Said Continue Reading →

How we stopped Baby Love from waking in pain

Baby Love had woken in pain her whole life, even when on pain meds, until recently. A few months ago we figured out a few things that helped her, and after that for the first time she began being able to reliably sleep without pain. From birth Baby Love would wake from a dead sleep Continue Reading →

Easy toddler snack: Frozen oatmeal-applesauce drops


I try to keep Baby Love eating whole, healthy foods as much as possible, but I am also lazy. These two can clash, so I need to make sure I keep healthy but easy snacks and meal options on hand for her. And of course, these options do no one any good if she won’t Continue Reading →

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