When a swing is not a swing

Last weekend The Energizer Daddy and I attended first round games for the March Madness tournament on Friday and Sunday. On Friday Baby Love and Baby Boy were left with Baby Love’s good friend and one of her favorite people in the world as a sitter (my sister-in-law), but Sunday she was left for 8 hours with Continue Reading →

Sibling Love

Baby Love ADORES her new baby brother. She wants him around all the time, loves tandem nursing with him, and “helps” him in various sundry ways. She shows him whatever she has so he can “enjoy” it with her. If he’s not looking the right way she “helps” him turn his head. She had “fed” Continue Reading →

When having a baby doesn’t make you happy

When I left my engineering job due to health issues the casual question that always came up in conversation that I most hated was, “What do you do for a living?” Now the casual question that always comes up I most dread is, “How are you doing?” How do you answer that when you’re struggling Continue Reading →

Baby Boy’s birth story

Ready to go home!

Once again, I was approaching 42 weeks and my induction deadline. Starting around my due date I began going to acupuncture to encourage Baby Boy out and using other gentle inducements, including nightly “eviction walks” and a 3 mile walk with a great friend at 41w4d, but he was having none of it. At 41w5d Continue Reading →

Deeper understanding

An idea behind gentle parenting is to be bigger than your child’s big feelings. So when they are melting down, sobbing, and overwhelmed, or yelling, angry, and flailing you are an imperturbable source of calm: understanding, there for them, but not overwhelmed by their big feelings like they are. Their feelings, that are too much Continue Reading →

Baby Boy is here!

About an hour after birth.

I’m doing better at announcing this time than last time – this time I’m only 18 days late! Baby Boy was born in the water after a quick, intense labor at 6:22 AM on December 10, 2014. He weighed 7lb 7 oz and was 21.5″ long with a 14″ head. He and I are both Continue Reading →

Making language work for me

Language is a powerful thing. It shapes how we feel about what we are talking about, even when it is just internal dialogue. This pregnancy has reminded me of that. For example, Baby Love was a fan of punching me in the bladder, but she’s got nothing on this baby boy. He is doing it CONSTANTLY, Continue Reading →

Giving up the future

From the very beginning, being a mom has taught me to stop worrying about the future. When I was in labor with Baby Love I remember wondering, early on, if it was this painful now how could I possibly handle it when it got more painful? But despite a malpositioned baby and hellish back labor Continue Reading →

Growing up

For almost 2 1/2 full years I have nursed Baby Love to sleep every night. Every time she woke I nursed her back down (except the first few weeks when she’d accept Daddy occasionally), and every night I nursed her to sleep. Last night, for the first time ever, she snuggled me to sleep. And Continue Reading →

A brand new recipe I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen before

A few weeks ago The Energizer Daddy and I were working on house projects and didn’t feel like stopping to cook so decided to order a pizza in. Only problem being that Baby Love adores pizza, but cannot have regular pizza due to her wheat allergy. We usually keep a few gluten free pizzas in Continue Reading →

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