“Now you can be done!”

After we found out little tiny baby was a boy I said to The Energizer Daddy, “Well, now everyone is going to be very confused when we get pregnant again!” We have always wanted more than two children, even though we know that is not the norm. He was confused and asked why I would say Continue Reading →

Being “that mom”

Today I was “that mom” in the grocery store. That mom who snapped at her toddler for normal toddler behavior. That mom who had lost her kind voice and her understanding and explaining words. That mom whose toddler was in a stained, messy shirt with a dirty mouth and snotty nose. That mom who told Continue Reading →

A misunderstanding

Conversation with my toddler: Baby Love: Baby Love go outside with Toby! Me: Not right now, Toby is going potty. *he finishes, comes inside, I start to close the door* Baby Love: No close door! Baby Love’s turn! Me: OK, you want to go outside for one minute? Baby Love: Yeah! *goes outside, starts peeing* Evidently Continue Reading →

It’s a….

OK, finally back. We’re in our “new house!”, as Baby Love will happily tell you. We love it. We got it because it was in a great neighborhood for kids, which is hard to find (at least by my standards) in the area we live in and the house is eminently practical for us. But Continue Reading →

Radio silence

Sorry I have been gone. The length of my absence got so lengthy that I started avoiding writing because I didn’t know how to start again after so much time. Unfortunately, that problem only gets worse the longer you stall. So let me simply dip my toes back in with some bullet point updates. We Continue Reading →

The last time

On weekends TED takes Baby Love in the morning so I can sleep in. For a long time this was the only potential for a stretch of sleep over 2 hours that I got (before our magical sleep supplement), and it is much of what keeps me functional. Once I’m up I IM him and he Continue Reading →

She amazes me

I have been debating writing this post. On the one hand, I use this blog to record Baby Love’s life and growth, but I realize it is also open for public reading (and I love connecting with others in that way!) and I am afraid this post will come off as bragging. I do want to Continue Reading →

To find a heartbeat

Last night I went to my first midwife appointment  Even though all looked well on the ultrasound, a lot can happen in 3 1/2 weeks without your knowledge when you don’t really feel pregnant yet, so I was a nervous mess leading up to it. I mostly managed to keep the nerves healthily suppressed, but Continue Reading →

It’s worth it, every night

Baby Love has been sleeping with fewer wake ups since she started receiving DHA. (The night before last she slept through the night for the first time EVER.) The flip side of this is that bedtime is taking ages. I long ago noticed an inverse relationship between these two aspects of her sleep; when one Continue Reading →

Banning “OK”

A large part of managing my stubborn, willful, likes-to-be-in-charge toddler is managing my own words. To be successful, one word I have mostlybanned from my vocabulary is “OK.” It usually wants to show up in one of two ways. The first is the ever-insidious, “OK?” As in, “We’re going to leave the park now, OK?” or “It’s time to Continue Reading →

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