Letting her do it “wrong”

Months ago I came across this quote: “When you teach a child something you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself.” (Jean Piaget) I like doing things right. I am very, very, very goal-oriented. When I read a book aloud I want to read through the text, I am bad at stopping to Continue Reading →

The Terrible Twos

I was talking with a new physical therapist Friday (Baby Boy is much harder to carry than Baby Love was) and she asked me if Baby Love had hit the terrible twos yet. I responded that I really like the toddler age, better than babyhood, and so she wasn’t bothering me. The PT responded that Continue Reading →

Being female doesn’t mean I’m always on display

Recently John Stewart ran a piece on the shocking sexism and blatantly sexist comments that have been made by male senators to a female senator. Things along the lines of, “Don’t lose too much weight, now. I like my girls chubby!” and “You know, Kirsten, you’re even pretty when you’re fat.” They then went on Continue Reading →

Baby Love sleep update

I have said since I got pregnant that the universe owes me a child that sleeps. I was not picky. The new baby could be a great sleeper, or Baby Love could start sleeping well. See? Flexible! I was being entirely reasonable! Well, for once the universe has come through for me. Baby Love’s sleep has Continue Reading →

Conversations with my daughter


She has started asking rhetorical questions with obvious answers using an indulgent, over-exaggerated intonation, like I have been doing to her for years. Baby Love: Is that a dog? Hmmm, let me think… ***** BL: Baby Love put the rock in the oval! *studies it closer* It looks like a oval, but iss really a rhombus! *blink Continue Reading →

All the feels

A few weeks ago I told a friend that Baby Love had entered a particularly difficult-for-me phase. She asked me why it was difficult. I couldn’t explain. I’ve been thinking about it since then, and a few days ago it hit me. I had noticed that she melted down at NOTHING. At things that she Continue Reading →

“Now you can be done!”

After we found out little tiny baby was a boy I said to The Energizer Daddy, “Well, now everyone is going to be very confused when we get pregnant again!” We have always wanted more than two children, even though we know that is not the norm. He was confused and asked why I would say Continue Reading →

Being “that mom”

Today I was “that mom” in the grocery store. That mom who snapped at her toddler for normal toddler behavior. That mom who had lost her kind voice and her understanding and explaining words. That mom whose toddler was in a stained, messy shirt with a dirty mouth and snotty nose. That mom who told Continue Reading →

A misunderstanding

Conversation with my toddler: Baby Love: Baby Love go outside with Toby! Me: Not right now, Toby is going potty. *he finishes, comes inside, I start to close the door* Baby Love: No close door! Baby Love’s turn! Me: OK, you want to go outside for one minute? Baby Love: Yeah! *goes outside, starts peeing* Evidently Continue Reading →

It’s a….

OK, finally back. We’re in our “new house!”, as Baby Love will happily tell you. We love it. We got it because it was in a great neighborhood for kids, which is hard to find (at least by my standards) in the area we live in and the house is eminently practical for us. But Continue Reading →

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