Baby names for Voyager fans

Naming Baby Love was a lengthy and arduous process fraught with much discussion. Most of the discussion went like this:

Me: What about Beatrice?

The Energizer Daddy: No.

These long talks really deepened our marriage.

With the new baby, however, choosing names was easy. A few weeks ago TED came up to say goodnight to me (I crash early since I’m up in the night with Baby Love) and we had a brief talk and came up with our names.

For a girl: Belle Lana

For a boy: Neil Xavier

In case you’re wondering, other names we considered and are our pool of names for future children:

Jack O. Taylor

Kathryn Janie


Ian Chip

Harry Kim

Thomas Paris

Star Fleet

Obviously the first and last are for girls, the in between are for boys.

I can’t wait to meet little Belle or Neil!


PS This is a joke. We would never do this to our children.

PPS Mostly because TED is a spoil sport and no fun at all. He  calls it “loving our children”. I call it “denying our children”. PoTAYtoes, poTAHtoes.


One Thought on “Baby names for Voyager fans

  1. Hubby on May 5, 2014 at 11:55 AM said:

    I’d laugh a lot harder at this “joke” if I didn’t think you would absolutely consider it for real if left to your own devices… :-D

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