Babywearing in the Happiest Place on Earth (and day 1 winner!)

Last week I was MIA because we took a family vacation to Disneyland. And it. Was. Magical.

Our timing was fantastic. Baby Love is old enough to understand rides, enjoy going on them, be able to tell us what she wants, and understand turn-taking on a basic level, so she greatly enjoyed the trip. She was down to only one nap and is sleeping well enough I can be a bit flexible with its timing and with bedtime, so I had a good amount of stress-free time in the park. And unlike our first family trip to Disneyland, I wasn’t pregnant so I could go on every ride! We brought down The Energizer Daddy’s youngest sister to help with childcare and to experience the park herself, and we all had an amazing time bonding and enjoying the magic.

One thing that made the trip so much more relaxing was that we didn’t bring a stroller.

Yes, even though we had a 19 month old.

I find strollers to be a hassle to deal with in general, and the annoyance seems magnified at Disneyland. You have to weave among giant crowds, park it before every ride (and hope it isn’t stolen) and then pick it up when you’re done. Plus there are curbs, hills, tracks for the rail vehicles in addition to the crowds, and pushing a stroller became a very unappealing prospect very quickly.

Instead, we chose to babywear through the park.

TED wearing 19 month, 25 pound Baby Love on Main Street in a toddler Action Baby Carrier

It was great. We stayed near the park and walked to and from it with Baby Love up.

TED wearing Baby Love in a standard Kinderpack with comfort mesh as we walked to the park.

When walking between rides that were long distances apart, one of us would throw Baby Love up on our backs and off we’d go. She could take everything in from her perch and reconnect with her caregivers with some snuggles in the potentially overwhelming environment. When we’d get where we were going we’d just let her down and wear the carrier like an empty backpack. We could wear it on rides and didn’t even notice it was there.

The Energizer Aunt wearing Baby Love in a standard Kinderpack while waiting for It’s A Small World

Nothing extra to push or pack around, and it was always there and ready when we needed it. And it made traveling at the airport much easier, too!

TEM wearing Baby Love in a Kanga XT at LAX

You can wear babies on rides in a front carry, but Baby Love is old enough that we assumed she’d prefer to be out and able to look forward with us so we’d let her down to sit with us. If we ever go with a younger child, though, we’ll definitely be taking advantage of that option.

Yes, there are three carriers pictured here, but that’s only because I’m a crazy person. They’re not necessary. I used the Kanga for airport travel (because while it’s my favorite carrier for me and Baby Love, it doesn’t swap between wearers easily), we used the Action Baby Carrier for a few hours one morning only (because I just could not get it adjusted comfortably, it was a new carrier that I’ll be reselling because it doesn’t work well for me), and the other 4.5 days in the park we used the Kinderpack. So you’d definitely be fine with just one comfortable carrier!

We made so many amazing memories on this trip. Baby Love adored Autopia (and cried so sadly when we left that ride for the last time on our last evening) and flying on Dumbo and the Zephyr, and she was absolutely absorbed by It’s A Small World, which sadly closed to remove the holiday facade after our first two days. She doesn’t know Disney characters yet, but she was so happy to meet Dug and Pluto (because they’re dogs), Donald (because he’s a duck) and Tigger (because he’s a tiger). She was fascinated by the parade, which we saw at least part of on four of our days. She really enjoyed having all three adults with her and would demand any one who was missing return ASAP. I had fun experiencing all of the coasters of Disneyland for the first time, and The Energizer Daddy had fun listening to me scream on them (I’m a wuss). TED and his sister enjoyed running around the park together doing all the crazy rides while Baby Love was sleeping. It was so much fun to split my time between watching my daughter take in the magic and running off with my husband for regular date time of just the two of us going on rides together. I’m already counting the days (years) until we can go back!


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Jen Gu

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Thank you for reading!

One Thought on “Babywearing in the Happiest Place on Earth (and day 1 winner!)

  1. The Energizer Daddy on January 27, 2014 at 12:13 PM said:

    SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES! I’ll add my notes of things Baby Love adored:

    - The giant bear outside Grizzly River Run in California Adventure. She insisted on seeing and touching him every time we passed

    -The Lion in the parade. Once I walked down along the parade route with her on my shoulders so she could see the lion some more!

    -The carousels, both of them – “Neigh” (King Arthur’s in Disneyland) and “Fish” (King Triton’s in DCA)

    -Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (Little Mermaid story ride), notably the “Under The Sea” song room

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