The Toddler Workout (plus bonus giveaway and day 2 winner!)

Watching the incredible feats of strength my daughter does on a regular basis amazes me. Her core must be ridiculously strong. The other day she was flailing around like a crazy person (aka a toddler) and The Energizer Daddy and I started mimicking her. Within minutes we were sore and tired but she was still happily flailing away.

Which is when I realized that to get in shape all I need to do is imitate my toddler. I introduce to you: The Toddler Workout

1. The Leg Flail

This is the move that started it all. Lay flat on your back, preferably on a bed for cushioning. Raise your legs until they are 90 degrees in the air. Now SLAM them down on the bed while giggling gleefully. Repeat without pause for 10-15 minutes.

2. Flying to Travel

This is my daughter’s preferred mode of transportation. Rig a structure on wheels that has two handles you can reach up and grab. Standing within the structure, holding onto the handles, walk a few steps (no more than 4) and then lift your legs up at the waist 90 degrees so they are bent in front of you and allow yourself to be carried along in this position for at least 5 continuous seconds. Walk a few more steps and repeat. Do this any time you have to walk anywhere.

3. Dining at Height

Sell all of your furniture. Replace it with furniture whose seat is at chest height. Climb onto your new chairs any time you want to eat. Ideally climb down and back up at least once a meal. Bonus: The deterrent factor means also works as a diet!

What moves have you observed that you could add to The Toddler Workout?


Bonus giveaway!

The winner of Day 1 of “House”warming Giveaways has decided to share the love! She is an Usborne book consultant and has offered to give away one of her books to the readers of The Energizer Mommy. She has donated a copy of Polar Bears (An Usborne Touchy-Feely Book) for one of you to win:


According to Jen, “I picked it because it would work with older kids as well as younger ones.  With [my one year old] I still only read part of each page before he is ready to turn to the next one. :)” I haven’t read this book, but Baby Love sure does love books you can feel and interact with and bears, so it looks like fun to me! Here is some more information on it: “Just the thing for the cold, winter nights. This touchy-feely book explains some simple facts about polar bears: where they live, how they keep warm and how they swim. The lovely warm illustrations and patches of fur that appear throughout make this a must-have for young polar bear fans. It’s neat, informative and very cute.” Junior Magazine

This giveaway has ended. Congrats, Laura Peters!

Additionally, Jen has offered a bonus to readers of The Energizer Mommy. The first 5 people to contact her and mention The Energizer Mommy will get an extra $20 in free books for hosting a Facebook party.  A Facebook party is a new thing… an Usborne Books and More party all done over Facebook.  No cleaning your house and it is super fun, fast and easy. Interested?  Contact Jen-

Official Rules: No purchase necessary. Giveaway restricted to US. The book for this giveaway was donated by Jen of, I was in no other way compensated by anyone for doing it, all thoughts and opinions and gratitude are entirely my own. Entries close at midnight pacific time on February 4. Prize is a large board book copy of Polar Bears (An Usborne Touchy-Feely Book) by Fiona Watt. The prize will be shipped to the winner by Jen of The number of eligible entries received determine the odds of winning. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget above. Winner will be selected randomly. The winner will be contacted by e-mail and have 48 hours to respond. If they do not respond, a new winner will be drawn. I have the right to publicize the winner’s name on my blog. Void where prohibited by law.


And finally, the day 2 of “house”warming giveaways winner of a hard back copy of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is

Meghan Sommers

for liking The Energizer Mommy on Facebook! Congratulations!

If you didn’t win there’s still time to enter day 3‘s giveaway (plus today’s!), or if you really want this book you can buy your own copy here.

Thank you for reading!

3 Thoughts on “The Toddler Workout (plus bonus giveaway and day 2 winner!)

  1. Kellee on January 27, 2014 at 5:01 PM said:

    Another Toddler workout… Dancing!! My 15 month old knows how to turn on the stereo and we rock out to kids music all day! I have no idea where he gets all of his new moves, but he is a dancing machine! :)

  2. My baby boy is only 5.5 months old, and I certainly don’t want him to grow up too fast, but I look forward to when he does cute toddler things :)

  3. Erin M on February 3, 2014 at 3:19 PM said:

    Lol! Silly toddlers! This is great!

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